Can't Access Dial in number +54 11 5235-4343

I’m trying to connect to my account using the dial in number of Buenos Aires and it’s telling me that my account does not exist. I can only access through the Cordoba Dial in number. Please help.
I have another account and it works perfect!.

Thanks in advanced.



I tested the line and was able to connect. Were you having issues connecting to the conference dial in number or are you having issues when entering the access code? Thank you.

Hello Mikey, thank you for your help, I’m having the issues when entering the access code.


On behalf of FreeConferenceCall I apologize for the inconvenience this may have caused you and your callers. It sounds like this problem is being caused by the DTMF tones on your phone. Our bridge lines are hard-wire lines, and our system is designed to recognize the tone of the keys being entered. I suggest pressing each of the keys to the access code very heavily and slowly which will help get you through to your call successfully.

We offer different ways how people can connect to a meeting

connect via web browser
connect via desktop application
connect via mobile application

If you have any other questions please contact our customer care anytime we are 24 hours. Thank you.

Thanks for your reply but the same happens with web browser, desktop application and mobile phone. If I use the 0341 527-2976 dial in number, which is from Cordoba city it works with any all my accounts, but the 011 5235-4343 dial in number which is from Buenos Aires city only works with some. It is really annoying. Calling to Cordoba from Buenos Aires is much more expensive.
Customer care is not getting back.


I sent you a personal message so that I can further troubleshoot your issue. Thank you.