Capacity reached and busy signals

I hosted a group of 7 Wednesday at 10 AM. The 7th person dialed in multiple times - sometimes getting no answer, getting a busy signal, and getting a message that capacity had been exceeded. Last week I hosted a meeting at the same time and no one connected and when I tried using another phone - to get the music off - I got a busy signal. My guess is that the site is unable to handle the significant increase in usage. But apparently seven people is not above capacity.


We truly apologize for any difficulties you are experiencing when attempting to connect to your conference line. Over the last week, our network has seen a dramatic increase in call, chat, and email volume. This high call volume has congested our conference bridges which has caused users to experience intermittent connection issues. Our engineers are working around the clock to accommodate the influx of activity on our network. Our dedicated customer care team is working hard to respond to all our users, so we thank you for your patience during these chaotic times.

If you are having trouble connecting to your conference line directly, we recommend you download our mobile application from your device’s app store (search for FreeConferenceCall). Our mobile application will allow you to call in using your internet connection instead of your cellular network, which may help you avoid connectivity issues.

Please note that most major telecommunication companies are experiencing congested networks. As telecommuting becomes the number one way of communication for most businesses around the world, companies will need some time to be able to accommodate the influx of traffic during this epidemic.

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We had similar problems this morning at 10:30am- ish GMT when I was trying to get members of my four churches together for a short time of worship. We did manage 37 lines at peak, but some were unable to connect with the ‘exceeded capacity’ message. I just wanted to say that your hard work is appreciated. It’s easy to forget that not that long ago this technology would not have been available!
I will be encouraging those who can to also try using the desktop/mobile app.

I tried this with the App and still had the same problems

There are 3 possible situations here

  • Your conference call is more than 1000 participants already. In this case you’ll get “This conference call has reached its capacity, please call again later” - This is happening very often now as people are having huge conferences. I see thousands of people not being able to connect because their conferences are full.
  • The bridge reached its capacity. Bridges have their limits too. If you hear a prompt saying that the bridge is at capacity - this means the whole datacenter is overloaded.
  • You don’t hear any prompts, only busy signal or you hear prompts from your carrier. This means the telephone lines are overloaded. Specifically ATT is limiting their ability to connect to us.

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how can i add more participants than 1000 to my account?