Display gallery view

I am not sure can I broadcast gallery view
to all the participant

like when I mean there are 10 user or 50 user joining now
Can I pin a gallery to all the participant


It is a popular request indeed

I am moving it to the section that is reviewed by product people.

Thank you,

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I’m wondering if there has been any time frame for this update?



I am also waiting for this
my group will not work without this

we have around 350 user

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Like to know if this feature is any closer to readiness…we are trying to make decisions on which service to sign up for and pay for…really need the gallery view of more than 5 people.

We released 5 people gallery view couple of days ago. 25 ppl view is a few weeks away

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Brilliant, am looking forward to the 25 ppl view. I have been paying monthly for Zoom and contributing to you guys as I believe your ethics are better. On this news I will transfer away from Zoom and ‘up’ my freeconferencecall subscription when the 25 ppl view comes out - happy, happy !


25 people is okay but only in low quality mode to enhance data transmission. I find it useful!