Pushing People into Breakout Rooms

Hi I am on FCCs with over 35 people for an hour long meeting. Sometimes it isn’t enough time for each participant to be able to share his thoughts at the meetings. So I am thinking of creating a Breakout Room (BRs) so that people can bounce ideas off of each other for more than just 1.5 minutes (as our current schedule only allows).

So I was wondering if there is a way that I can push participants to BRs and then be able to pull them back into the main room without them having to press *3?



Unfortunately, the host does not have the ability to move participants into breakout rooms. The participants will have to place themselves in breakout rooms. I will send your suggestions up to our development team to see if this can be added as a feature in the future. Thank you.

This is definitely a very important feature. Maybe a deal-breaker for many of us, who do online training and need to set up groups easily and bring them back to the main room.

we actively working on this feature. Here is the teaser :slight_smile:

The current implementation has limited support through the app. You may see it on the context menu if you click on a participant.

Thank you,

the feature shall be fully implemented now. Please share your feedback!