Storage Space - Empty Trash?

I’m trying to delete old recordings and free up storage space. I was able to delete all the old recordings on the History & Recordings page. They are also gone on the Broadcaster page, however my storage is still full after 2 days.

Do I need to manually empty the trash? I can’t find any options to reclaim storage after deleting old recordings.

When your are on the recording page on the top right select all conferences. Then select conferences with recordings only and select search. You may go through the pages below to delete additional recordings.

I have the same issue. Deleting old recordings does not seem to free up any space. The available space continues to shrink

I retract my previous statement.

The graphic they use to display available space is visually opposite of what most sites use. To me it looked like my storage was almost used up, but in reality, I had deleted so much, it was almost empty.