Add live polling

I have been using Free Conference Call in my classroom for about two years.

Compared with other similar products, FCC is the cheapest (almost free) and the speed and quality are fairly good.

But live polling will be very necessary for interactive learning.

I hope that live polling will be added to FCC like eztalks or zoom.

Is there any plan for live polling in near future?


Thank you for the feedback. Yes, we considered adding polling and your request will help us to raise the priority of this feature.

Thank you,

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I was on a webinar this week and requested live polling, this feature release would really be a game changer for FCC…hopeful sooner, than later.

Thank you

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Adding my support to the request to prioritize addition of live polling as a feature.

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It would be great to add this feature for both browser/app and phone capabilities. People can conduct meetings that require voting by those attending to make decisions. Currently we can meet to inform, but not to keep a record or privately vote.

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I would also appreciate this feature. Thanks.


I would also like to have this feature available. Thank you.