Add People to Active Talking List


Often when we are hosting our conference call we get over 100 participants. I make our speakers a co-host. When looking at the participant lists, it will be split into two parts when to show those actively talking. However, it limits those talking to only show 3 people at a time. Sometimes, especially if I have a panel of speakers who are supposed to be speaking and unmuted, it doesn’t show the person’s phone line whose kid is screaming in the background or the person who is flushing the toilet (true story, both happened today.)

When we first started using FCC four years ago, the actively talking feature showed more than three people. Is there any way more people can be added to the actively talking in the participant lists? Maybe 7 to 10? Today I had three speakers, so they were unmuted. I had 160 participants and could not find them to mute their line quickly enough. I know I could go into lecture mode, but the point of our phone call is so people can ask questions and participate in an open discussion.

Thank you for your consideration.

Currently we don’t plan any updates for FCC app. We apologize for the inconvenience.