Android screen time out problem

I noticed strange screen time out during the conference. For a while I didn’t use mobile app and yesterday I had conference and my screen started to dim (screen timeout after 1 minute) and my phone got locked. The other participant lost my picture and I had to wake up my phone.

In a past this never happened and I can’t say either there is some new permission that my galaxy S20 needs or it is something with the app.

Usually these type of apps request permissions for your camera and microphone. It might be also a setting with timer when your phone screen turns off. Please check these settings on your phone.

I am using this app for a long time and I never had any problems concerning screen time out. There is also no settings on a phone where I could choose that app is preventing a screen to time out except inside of an app. I never had problems with that. And since for a while I was not using android mobile app, I can’t tell you when or. after which update problems started to happen. The only thing I can control is phone screen timeout that I can set to max. 10 minutes.

I think the problem is inside FCC app. Anyone else using mobile app having this problem? Maybe is Samsung Galaxy S related?