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Recently, the participant list on the app changed on the phone and mobile devices. It no longer includes the names of the participants, just their phone numbers. On the desktop or laptop, the app still has both the names and numbers but on the mobile devices just the numbers. This makes it hard to recognize anyone on the meeting. Can this be fixed?

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We are working on fix for this issue and it should be corrected with the next update. You can leave your email for the account and we will notify you when the issue will be fixed.

Any update on when this will be fixed

The way the participants’ names looks now is creating chaos in our daily meetings. It would be much appreciated if it could be changed back to the old way where you could see the name of the person rather than their number. We know names, not numbers. We also use the app because it’s easier for a lot of us to be able to connect anytime and anyplace.

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We are the same, its chaos, we have elderly hosts for some of our meetings and without the displayed names they have no idea who they are calling on, is difficult for us that have tech experience let alone members in their 70’s who use the app and have no tech experience at all but gave hosting a meeting a go with the FCC app

Sorry to hear that, we are still working on the issue. For now you can use Web controls page on the website to see both names and phonenumbers

The participants list is not showing up at all on the web or the app this morning, Tuesday, September 7

Unfortunately most hosts only have smart phones so unable to use web controls, is there a way to roll back app updates so can go back to version before the loss of custom names happened

finally, we released the fix on Android today. Version Will expedite the release on Apple in the coming week.

We are truly sorry for the inconvenience. This application redesign that removed the second line in the attendee list caught us really bad.

Thank you,

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Thank you so much Eugene