Are there any ways to run FCC from Linux as a host?

I see that you stopped supporting Linux application isn’t it? Are there any ways to download old versions from the previous years and to try to run it on Ubuntu?
I remember very well that couple of years ago I did start your service from Linux and it worked quite well.
Thank you in advance, Alexander.

Hello Alexander,

Unfortunately, our FreeConferenceCall desktop application is no longer supported with Linux operating systems. Users with Linux can host and join an Online Meeting through Chrome, FireFox, or Microsoft Edge.

Thanks. Will try to host with my browser.

When was FCC planning to tell those of us who are running the Linux version that you are dumping us? I’ve been using FCC for many years and telling people that it is a great choice due to the multi-platform support. I think some advance warning would have been in order here! I have a major call I’m hosting tomorrow AM and now am worried that I’m running with an unsupported tool.


You are right communication to the existing customers was required even though there are not so many of them.

Here is current state:

  • existing customers who downloaded executable on Linux can continue using the app, although the app will not get functional updates anymore.
  • new customers who do not have the executable are directed to a browser version that was substantially enhanced recently.

What we plan to do:

  • we will release one more update on Linux app with the warning that application will stop working in some weeks.
  • At the end of this period we will be directing all Linux users to web version

Stopping Linux support was not an easy decision. Our own developers are using Linux themselves for example. However being largely a free service and continue supporting platform with the very-very low usage is not very well stacking together. By making this decision we hope to put more focus and users to our web version.

Thank you,

There are many of us who use Linux. Ubuntu/Mint in particular. Using the web browser is very difficult with screen share. I have tried several browsers and none work for me. When I activate screenshare, I get a tiny badge at the top of the screen and can do nothing with it. I had to go out and buy a Mirosux laptop just so I could use screenshare. The Freeconferencecall app worked great on Linux. I am curious as to real reason why Linux support was ended. Linux is a secure platform where Windows is wide open for external manipulation and exploitation. Linux is the 3rd most popular OS in use today.
I can start my own conference platform with $500k. I almost did until a few years ago when I found FCC. Now that FCC stopped the one valid reason I used FCC, I am considering moving forward with a new platform that I will create and market. I already have dedicated servers. Just need the software and set up.


as I mentioned above the real reason was very small amount of customers on this platform. We went into the complete application redesign and we were not able to justify support of 3 platforms.

I know it is pain as many of our own developers are using Linux themselves.

Now, when we are done with the redesign we may think of what is next. It is somewhat possible that FCC will get a persistent chat and presence (like in Skype for example). In this case having applications on all 3 platforms becomes a must.

Thank you,