Audio conference call abruptly ends

I tried to host an audio conference call by logging into the app on my phone, clicking the orange “Host” button, hitting “Call in”, and joining the call through another number different from the phone number I had given to the conference call attendees. At that point, I was able to join the call and stay on the line.

However, in the middle of the call, I heard the system’s female voice abruptly say “Goodbye” and disconnect the call. At that point, the other call attendees informed me that they could hear music on their end.

I tried to host other audio calls multiple times and the same thing happened each time. The length of time before the disconnection varied in each instance. My phone provider is AT&T. Can you please tell me where I am going wrong and why the call is cutting abruptly? What may I do to prevent this?

Do you think that I could avoid this by hosting the conference call via Wifi or via my computer (instead of using my phone/cell carrier At&T)?


Thank you for your email. We truly apologize for any difficulties you are experiencing when attempting to connect to your conference line. Over the last week, our network has seen a dramatic increase in call, chat, and email volume. This high call volume has congested our conference bridges which has caused users to experience intermittent connection issues. Our engineers are working around the clock to accommodate the influx of activity on our network. Our dedicated customer care team is working hard to respond to all our users, so we thank you for your patience during these chaotic times.

If you are having trouble connecting to your conference line directly, we recommend you download our mobile application from your device’s app store (search for FreeConferenceCall). Our mobile application will allow you to call in using your internet connection instead of your cellular network, which may help you avoid connectivity issues.

******* Please note that most major telecommunication companies are experiencing congested networks. As telecommuting becomes the number one way of communication for most businesses around the world, companies will need some time to be able to accommodate the influx of traffic during this epidemic.

Thank you for your help!

if this is iOS app - we fixed this problem in the latest release. Please update the app to version 2.0.1
Thank you,

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