Blurred vertical / horizontal image bars

How do we get rid of those awful and distracting vertical / horizontal blurred image bars around every member’s image in video conferencing?
Thank you.


Here is the problem that we tried to solve:

  • every camera has slightly different aspect ratio (mobile phones in portrait mode are the biggest problem)
  • the frame on your screen where we need to fit the video almost never matches the aspect ratio from the camera.

There are 2 solutions for this problem:

  • crop the original video hoping that we don’t cut anything important
  • pad the empty space with either black background or some sort of the extension of the original feed (aka blurred stripes)

Our current approach is a mixture of both

  • first we try to crop, but if we had to crop too much we try to pad.
  • for padding we use the extension of the original video

Back to your original question:
Is it possible to choose how we pad? Currently there is no way to choose. I.e. it is always the extension of the video feed. I’ll pass your request to our product department as a feature request.

Thank you,

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Thank you so much for the clarification, Eugene. You seem to be the one-man response team to everyone’s questions :smiley:

We don’t recall seeing this issue in the past - maybe because the stripes/pads were black? Cropping would definitely be a problem. And the blurred version is highly distracting and rather “frustrating” for those who see it as a constant reminder of their already diminishing age-related vision :slight_smile: Solid black stripes/pads would be much better and preferred.

Thank you for considering this.