Bring in NDI Camera

Is there a method to using NDI to bring a camera/video source for use in FCC as well as to export FCC in to a 3rd party software, like vMix, OBS, etc…?


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good questions!

Is there a method to using NDI to bring a camera/video source

If you can make your NDI camera look to OS like a regular web cam I think our application shall have no problems getting stream from it because we use unified interface provided by OS.
In other cases I am afraid we won’t be able to read from such camera as it would require substantial amount of development.

export FCC in to a 3rd party software, like vMix, OBS, etc…

As of now FCC doesn’t have such integration. But it sounds like an interesting idea and a lot of fun! Here is what we can do reasonably quickly: When you are in FCC meeting our application may create a virtual camera in the OS where it will stream the content of the meeting. vMix will see this camera as yet another source and will be able to mix it normally.

Please let me know if you are interested and I’ll connect you to our product people.

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Awesome…starting to get excited about the possibilities :smiley:…vMix can export as a webcam, but FCC doesn’t seem to identify it (zoom does). Also. I’d definitely be interested in bringing FCC as a source into vMix, as this can be done with zoom.

I just believe the FCC can do just as good, if not better than zoom with a little tweaking, to become the goto application. Don’t forget about live polling and it would be nice to pin or lock other presenters as the host.

Thank you for all you do…bless each of you. Be well and be safe.

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I just learned that our Web Application supports NDI camera.
Specifically I was able to put output of vMix into FCC meeting via our web application on Chrome.

  • run Chrome in Incognito mode (to prevent our Desktop app to start)
  • join your meeting as normal from Chrome

we optimized bandwidth for the web cam setup (when the camera is static) so when you play a dynamic video file in vMix - it is not coming particularly good in the conference

You can also get access to your NDI cameras in our Desktop application if you install NDI tools from
In this case they convert NDI standard to a virtual camera and audio device that is recognized by our application
Here is the great video