Broadcast Integration in wordpress

I have tried to integrate broadcast video share in wordpress but it does not work. Can you give us any suggestions? Thank you


I need to understand little bit better what you are trying to do. Anyway, the only integration that is currently feasible is to embed our recording into a 3rd party web site (Wordpress is the example).

This is how it may look like on your web site.

If this is what you trying to achieve, please let me know.

Thank you,

i see, this is already possible,. yes. Pity not in youtube. thank you

There are two reasons why we do not integrate directly with YouTube.

  • we do not want to know your gmail account (or a token) to be able to do something on YouTube on your behalf.
  • our recording is more than just one video file. It has 2 videos (screensharing and video itself), it has attendee list and active speaker information and it may have a transcription.
    If we are to export it to YouTube we would have to “bake in” all this into one MP4 file.

However, we do allow you to generate this file from your recording and manually upload it to Youtube. Before uploading you’ll have a chance to edit the file as needed.

Hello any possibility for streaming? I mean with proper key to have it on any online video tool?
At the moment we need or to downlaod it or to share the broadcast, but it is not streaming. thank you