BUG- Detail Report not including people who used Call Me

Hi, I’m getting the detail reports, but if I use the Call Me feature to connect to audio, the report does not include me. (I’m the host). It was not immediately obvious as to why I was being excluded from the meeting detail report, but that is how it is happening.

OTOH If I dial into the meeting manually, then the Detail Report does include me. Reliably reproducible problem. Sounds like a bug - hopefully easily fixed.


Thank you for your message. We will check this issue and send you an update.

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HI, I’m trying to give you enough data here so you can resolve this problem. I hope it is not too much. We very much appreciate FCC. Thank you very much. I would also like these after meeting reports to be correct.

I am the host, and the **FCC after-meeting reports still do not show my participation if I use the Call Me feature. If I dial in manually, then I am included in the call report. This is a reliably reproducible bug. **

Our calls are usually voice only. So as a test I recently shared the whiteboard during our regular call to see if that would trigger the call report to include me even though FCC called me at my phone number. It did not.

Today tried a test call with 2 phones, sharing my video webcam and also sharing my screen. I even recorded the meeting. But the number of attendees does not include me when I use the Call Me feature.

It is as if I was not on the call. But I was!!! I hosted it, I participated by voice, and I shared my screen. These reports are wrong.

After very careful examination, I see that:

  • The email sent after the FCC meeting definitely has the wrong number of attendees.
  • The online report of audio attendees is also wrong for not including me when I used the Call Me feature.
  • The Online Meetings section of the report does include me.
    However, I used my phone for audio, and my computer for video only. Therefore it makes sense that I should be included in the total number of attendees, and also the number of audio attendees.

**The emailed report summary does not include me in the total number of attendees if I used the Call Me feature. **
Hopefully that is enough data to for you to locate the problem. Please let me know if I can help in any way.

Please email me at ekanatkin@freeconferencecall.com so we can continue to investigate via email.