Call Drop Issue

This morning, I tried to use the conference call service for a church meeting. One of my participants used the one number phone number. They texted the number “Call Me”. It would call and it would work. Then, after 2 minutes, the call would drop. This kept happening until the temporary backup number was used. This is a new issue. Why would this be happening?


Sounds like the issue of the caller staying connected to the line is due to their phone provider. The caller that is being dropped from the line will need to contact their phone provider to further troubleshoot this issue.

If the issue is still happening then, the caller will need to continue to use the backup number. Thank you.

But would that make sense if the One Number is not working properly, but the backup number is working? At the same time of the call, the one number has issues staying called-in. The issue was very consistent.

We are a church facing similar problems. Our story goes like these:
We have been having issues with call drops. We have conference calls for our church at different times during a day. Some of our members have been struggling both to join & to stay in the conference particularly at the morning conference (which we have it from 5am-6am ET). These same people do not have any problem of joining and staying in the conference during the other times in the day! It let’s them in for a minute and then cuts them off however repeatedly they try. They tried to text ‘Help’ and ‘Call Me’ to the One Number that we use but to no avail! It results in the same thing! And it’s affecting the same few people!

If the problem is with their phones’ providers, why not these people have the same issues when they joined the conference at other times of the day? Please help.

I have been creating a backup number within 24 hours of my meeting and sending out customized backup numbers to all my participants. That has gotten rid of the issues now.

We are having the same issue. The host is being dropped from the call after about 10 minutes. Please help


I sent you a direct message to further investigate your issue.

i am having the same issue callers are being dropped after 13 seconds

We are working on this issue now, will keep you posted in this thread