Call Forwarding number

One of my main reasons for getting a Virtual Phone line for Business, is to forward Business Calls to my Cell, but to also Know that they are Business calls, from people calling the business line. I ignore spam calls all the time on my personal cell, and I had hoped that the ID of Call Forwarding would be represented by the Virtual Number. After testing this out, I realize, that this is not how it works, so I will essentially have no clue still, what is a business line call coming in, being forwarded, or just another random spam call. That’s not ideal, and may be technically improbable to do now that I think about it, unless perhaps the Virtual line, after a number of rings, answered the call, automated a hold message to extend the reach to me, then called my forwarding number, thus showing the Virtual Call on my ID. Then if I still can’t answer, that caller is put through to the Virtual voice mail.

This seems like it could be a plausible solution and would be a great feature, and much appreciated.

As I understand, you want to know if the call you receive to your personal cell is coming from Virtual phone or not, correct?


I understand your request. There are two ways to look into forwarded calls:

  • You want the caller ID always to be the number of your virtual phone so you know this is a redirected call.
  • Other people would like to know who is actually calling them (even if the call is redirected) so they want the real caller ID.

The second is more common and this is why we implemented it this way.
The solution for you would be to install our mobile app and receive calls in the app (ie not use the redirect). This way you will know that you receiving the call on your VP number or your cell number (make sure you enabled ringing in the app itself).

Thank you,