Call out without needing to press * to join

I’m trying to add a disabled person to my conference. His situation is if someone calls him he can answer the phone, but he cannot call anyone. I can use the add participant option to call him, but then he gets the message “You will now join the conference, press * to continue”. He doesn’t have the ability to press *, so he cannot get in. Is there a way to get him into the conference without needing to press buttons?

well, this is a tough question.
If we allow this we open the way to abuse other people…

I can think of the small server side app that can solve it for you.

  • instead of dialing the person - you’ll dial a proxy number
  • the proxy number will press *, dial the person and connect two calls together.

We can even develop this app if you are interested. The downside is that it will cost you about 0.05c per minute in average. Let me know if it makes sense

Thank you,

Is that $0.05 or $0.0005? The later is cheap, the former is going to add up a bit too fast for my budget.