Callers couldn't hear me

I use this app to host online meditations 6 days/week. I’ve been using for years. From time to time I have troubles, but for the most part it works well enough.

Today I attempted to use the app from my phone to test out being able to offer my meditations with greater ease when I am traveling. Well there was no sound for my callers!

I am disappointed that I cannot rely on the service to operate easily and intuitively. Since my callers couldn’t hear me, they all dropped out within the first 10 minutes.

I cannot afford to have my business be jeopardized by these kinds of glitches. What do you suggest is the problem here and how can FCC provide better, more reliable service?

I am a regular contributor to the free service, so I’m feeling like I need to trust that I can get what I’m paying for.


Sorry that you had a bad experience. I just checked our Android and iPhone apps and they produce sound as needed.

There are number of reasons why people won’t be able to hear you. Funny enough the most often reason is that they did not connect audio on their end and thus they could not hear anything at all.

You can easily troubleshoot this problem if you just call to your meeting yourself from a different phone or computer.

Ofc there are many other reasons why the audio did not work, please feel free to call our Customer Support for further troubleshooting.

Thank you,