Can I MUTE Specific Callers

How can we handle a call in whose noise level is too high, or who is rude or obnoxious?


Depending on what service you have with us. You have a feature called “Web Controls”. At the time of your meeting, you can log into your account online. When you have logged into your account, click on the tab that says “Meeting Wall” at the top of the screen, then you will click on “Web Controls”.

Once on your Web Controls, you will be able to see who is connected to your conference call live. On the Web Controls, you will be able to see who is being rude, obnoxious, or producing noise on the line. You can also mute all callers, mute individual callers, or drop any callers from your conference line. If you have any other questions or any questions regarding the Web Controls, please call into our 24-hour customer care at 1-844-844-1322. Thank you.