Can this be used for phone conferences that are not online?

My situation: I am a pastor, and many people in my congregation do not have Internet access. I am looking for a way to do a conference call that is over the phone only, so I set up an account and dialed the phone number I was given, but it just said that I was the only person in the conference and started playing music. There was no opportunity for me to enter my PIN. What do I need to do to set up a phone only conference call and log in as the host? I would like to make sure I know how to do this before I invite people to join on a call.

Thank you!


You may use our service for audio only if you’d like, webinars and online calling are not required. when you call into the conference call line you will dial into your conference number, enter your access code followed by the *, the system will then prompt you to enter you host pin followed by the # sign. First caller that is on the line whether it’s the host or participant, they will hear hold music, once a second caller arrives that’s when the conference call begins.

This may help