Can users access old recordings?


I want to know if standard users can see and or access previous recordings.

If they can, how can I disable that.

I would like only hosts to see or access recordings.

Thank you


If you sent participants the recording link to a recording that you made in the past, they will still be able to access/listen to that recording by clicking on that link. If you so not want them to access previous recordings you can log into your account online. Once in you will navigate to your “History & Recordings” page. From there you see your recordings. To the right of the recording you will see a “Padlock” icon. Click on padlock icon and then you will set a numerical password. Once set you will click “Save”. You will need to set a password to each recording, so if anyone has the link to that recording and they click on it, they will need to input the numerical you set for that recording. Thank you.