Can we use web and phone conference simultaneously

Hi, Very new at this and we have a mixed group, some happy with the web and others not, but who want the phone conferencing . Can we have both at a meeting simultaneously, i.e. Mixed web and phone attendees?? Help please Thanks
Peter H


Yes, you can! The participants that want to dial in will simply use the conference dial-in number and access code. You participants that want to join your meeting through the web has three options to do so:

  • FreeConfernceCall Smartphone mobile application
  • Desktop application
  • Join using through a web browser(Google Chrome or FireFox)

For the participants to join through the web, you must provide them with your online meeting ID, which is provided on your Account Information page when you log in online. Please note. If your participants join through either the Desktop App or through a web browser, they must have a mic and speaker connected. Thank you.