Can't hear anyone from desktop app or when i join from website

I’m so frustrated. I would like to participate in 12 step meetings on FreeConferenceCall. I have done everything - used headphones, changed audio settings, always made sure to join with ‘computer audio’ for sound - tried everything offered in the settings. Nothing. I tried it logged in to my account. It was suggested I try to join not logged in, directly from the website. Nope. Nothing. How frustrating~ EDITED: I had someone from the meeting phone me and my output from the mic doesn’t work either. So I can’t hear anyone Or be heard by anyone.

Desktop is the only way for me to access freeconferencecall. Please help me! I really need this to work and there seems to be no toll free phone number to talk to an actual person on my landline, which I do NOT want to sync with the app. I get enough robocalls as it is! Thank you for any help you can provide.

Make sure your microphone is displayed in Preferences - Audio in the app. Check if in Windows settings FCC app is allowed to use Microphone.