Close the application from the system tray

I ran the (seemingly portable) EXE file to run FCC 5.2.2496. I successfully had an online meeting. But I can’t see how to completely close the application!!!

FCC sits in the system tray. No matter whether I left-click it or right-click it the result is only to ‘restore’ the application. Then if I click the red “X” it just ‘minimises’ it to the system tray again.
Most other applications/tools in the system tray can be readily & quickly closed completely by right-clicking to produce a context menu.

Am I missing something?


If you right click on the tray icon it should show you a menu with option “Quit FreeConferenceCall”. Do you get this option? Please update the app for the latest version Version 5.2.2505-d4e1ff6

No, there is no context menu shown whatsoever, right-clicking immediately restores the window (same as left-clicking).
Version 5.2.2496 was the latest version when I tested it. I am in the process of updating now to version 5.2.2505, based on your advice.

After updating I now have a context menu (with several items) that allows me to close the application.


After the update,
…when I initially run the application (and don’t do much in it), then I get the context menu when I rick-click the icon in the System Tray, and hence I can then close the application, BUT…
…if I launch the application and then host a meeting (and view my preferences etc. — i.e. ‘doing stuff’ in the application), then it reverts back to its previous defective behaviour! That is, right-clicking immediately restored the application (i.e. displayed the application’s window in focus) and didn’t seem to display any context menu, but…

…one thing I noticed today is that there was a slight ‘flicker’ near the System Tray when I right-clicked the FCC icon. I had a hunch that it could be the context menu being displayed for a fraction of a second.
I decided to try holding down the right mouse button. What I discovered is this:

  • the FCC application was ‘restored’ upon press-down of the right mouse button; and
  • the context menu was displayed upon lift-up of the right mouse button.

To be clear: this is with the updated version of FCC, today.

FYI, I am running Windows 8.1 x64; I have reversed the mouse buttons through the Windows Control Panel (which shouldn’t cause any problem now, as it never has in the past).