Conference participant using landline can't connect

I have purchased the one number upgrade, but participants using a land line can’t join. They have to dial the free number we were assigned and enter the access code. How can this get changed so landlines can access the one number. It’s elderly people that can’t get the concept of entering an access code. thanks

We truly apologize for any difficulties you are experiencing when attempting to connect to your conference line.

Here are some tips you can try if they are having trouble connecting to your conference line directly:

The backup number will reroute their call and connect them to your conference line. Below is the instruction how to use the backup number:

Dial the backup number (209) 399-9025

Next, they will be prompted to dial the one number #

How long is this backup number active? I received 2 backup numbers last week for a conference call I would have Sunday morning. However, when Sunday morning came around, neither backup number worked, and my one number was not working.

You may use this link at any time to create a backup number good for 24 hours. Then you will have to create a new one.

So the above backup number you provided is only good for 24 hours?

If you use the link to create a new backup number that number is 24 hours. The number that was originally given to you was not created by the link.

The two backup numbers given to you last week and the One number should still work. We would like to investigate what is going on.

The backup number I received was: 209-399-9012 & 520-420-9054. Both had issues connecting to the call. I tried from multiple phones of multiple carriers. Also, this dial-in number with access code had an issue connecting: (701) 802-5443. And of course the one number wouldn’t connect. So I am concerned if during those peak times, there is going to be any way we can connect via phone?

Were you able to investigate this at all?