Conference Participants Getting Busy Signal

Today, we tried to have a conference call using one number. However, many of the participants couldn’t dial the number. They kept getting the busy signal or a “number out of service”. I sent the toll number with access code, and the same issues. Some people get the notification that the meeting is at capacity. We only had 6-7 people. 12 people were trying to join. Why did this happen? Will this happen again?

During peak times users may experience connectivity issues due to high congestion through phone carriers caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. This pandemic has causes many people switch over to teleconferencing which has led to the congestion. To help alleviate this issue, participants can use one of our Back-Up numbers to connect. The back-up number will reroute the caller into the line to get them connected. The number and instructions is below.

1.Dial 520-420-9054
2.When prompted enter your conference one number

Participants can also bypass their phone carrier by connecting through the mobile application as well. They can download the application from the link below for their specific device. Once they download it, they will enter your One Number to be saved in the application and during the time of the call they will select the Join button to connect to the conference.

Do we enter the conference one number? Or access code?

Is the mobile app supposed to work without congestion compared to the phone call-in?

We tried this backup number in today’s conference call session and many participants were unable to still call in. What other options are there for people wanting to dial in by phone?