Controlling access to the conference recording share links

After holding a recorded conference, the links of the recordings are then shared. This is OK and good especially for people who couldn’t attend the conference, but you do not want the shared links to be accessible long time after that ! Of course I can delete the recordings but I want to keep them for myself for future use. I want however to limit the access by the following potential actions (possible features request):

  • giving the option to change the links but keeping the recordings as they are
  • securing the access to the share links by a password
  • keeping recordings in archive area, which cannot be viewed using the older share links of the recordings
  • setting a time limit for a share link
  • or any other technique

Thank you for FCC and for the option of downloading a recording in the FCC wall.

Hello, thank you for the feedback. Did you try to use password protection on the recording? This feature is available on the web via “History and Recordings”

Also, while the link stays the same it is not shared automatically. The host decides when and what to share.

Thank you,

Hi, thanks a lot, I just discovered IT. What an amazing feature!

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