Custom Greeting and Music (Music Not Playing


I bought two services, custom greeting and custom hold music.

My custom greeting plays perfectly, but after as the only caller, the custom hold music does not play.

How do I get the custom music to play while the first caller is waiting for others to join?

I have three conference lines with both of these services and all of them have this issue.

Thank you.


If you want the hold music to play after a second person connects, you will have to set the “Wait For Host” option that is under “Meeting Settings” on your Meeting Wall to “On” and select the duration of time. So if two or more participants connect to the line before the host, they will all be placed on hold.

If the host is connected to line and you want the hold music to play while other participants join the meeting you can go to your “Web Controls” on your Meeting Wall and place the call on “Hold”. Once you are ready to begin the call, you will simply click the “Hold” button again to take the call off of hold. Thank you.

It didn’t use to work like that.

It use to have a greeting, followed by hold music until a second caller dialed in.

If you wanted to keep the hold music playing until the host called in, you would have to set the Wait For Host option as you described…

Tech support just told me, the only way to play hold music is to log into the web controls and place the call on hold, just as you also described in your second paragraph.

Right now that is the only way to play the hold music; no longer automatically, but manually.

It’s a shame because I bough Custom Hold Music for one of my lines a few months ago. The Custom Hold Music would play when the first person called in. It would stop when the second caller dialed in. I did not have to manually turn anything on. This was the default and automatic.

Now this week it no longer plays. I get a greeting and then the telephone line is quite, nothing, nada, boring. I’m paying for Custom Hold Music and now it will not play. They must have just changed this, but I do not understand why as it makes Custom Hold Music useless to me. I already canceled the subscription because tech support said it only works if you manual turn it on for every call.

Needing to be logged in to turn on the hold music manually makes no sense to me. The Custom Greeting and Custom Hold Music gives me a few extra minutes to call in if I’m running late. Clients understand I’m on the way with the Custom Greeting and having Custom Hold Music to listen to until I arrive keeps them entertained. Now they get a greeting and blank quiet nothingness which makes their wait seem much much longer. They will hang up much faster.

Two days ago I bought Custom Greetings and Custom Hold Music for a bunch of lines. I assumed the Custom Greeting would play (which it does) and then the Custom Hold Music would play until a second caller (or host if I set it that way) would automatically play like it always did.

Someone needing to log in and manually turn it on every call is a pain in the butt.

As annoying as the conference line’s default hold music was, client prefer that over nothing because at least they understand they are no hold.

A greeting followed by blank silent makes them feel disconnected. I can tell you clients do not like that.

Also, turning on “Wait For Host” no longer turns on the hold music either.

Only way it to manually press the hold button in web controls.

Same problem here. I just upgraded to custom hold music. Worked fine for about two weeks, but I noticed it would take several seconds to start playing. Now it doesn’t play at all. I have “wait for host” turned on, and I even go onto the control panel in the app and place everyone in hold once I host the meeting. I’ve tried to go back to the default music, save changes, but it won’t even play that. So I’m paying for something that doesn’t work. Please get it fixed.

I’m still waiting for a resolution. As soon as there is one, I will buy a bunch of custom music subscriptions.


your understanding of Custom Hold Music logic is correct. The only thing that I can add is that the music is played to the first participant ONLY if he has audio media and nothing else. If user started video for example - the music will stop (may be this was a questionable decision).

If that doesn’t explain your situation - please send me a message, there must be something wrong with your particular account. I just tested and it works as expected for me.

Thank you,