Custom greeting

I can’t upload a greeting can someone help?

It shall be pretty straight forward if you purchased the feature. Please contact Customer Support if something doesn’t work for you.

Thank you,

I purchased the feature and I can only record on the website but the upload feature does not work it shows that it worked but it does not.

I see that you changed on the website that recordings could be saved, can you add that the names can be changed to be able to identify each recording.

You can rename files before you upload them. We will display the file name in the drop down

thanks for that. but the upload option does not work for .wav files It shows that its uploading but it doesn’t come up.

It works for me. Can you show what doesn’t work for you?

I have been converting files from .m4a to .wav by renaming it, in the beginning it worked then when you updated the site it stopped to work so I started to change it to .mp3 and that did work, and I was wondering why it stopped working. but now I can’t upload .mp3’s too and it said that it does not support converted files so I understand my mistake. Thanks for your response.

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Neither can I. I purchased the Custom Greeting and Hold Music option and can’t figure out how to access those options.

I think the best way to address your question would be to call our Customer Service. They shall be able to guide you through.