Dial into the meeting by default purpose?

I would like to know what is the purpose of “Dial into the meeting” option before you start or join the meeting being checked by default? I am starting and joining meetings via internet and the same way all my clients.

When “Dial into the meeting” is checked by default and if you join via internet, because of that there is no audio. And in the last few weeks we lost lots of time to figure out why now there is no voice. And there was a lot of customers dissatisfaction and stress.

I think this is not OK!

There is no option (at least I didn’t find it) to disable that option by default. Please change that.

I was reading Users opinions on Google play and many say that it is not user friendly. I can agree. Listen to your clients more, I would be happy about it!

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I have seen an answer from FCC about this topic inside Google Play and they claim that this is because customers are afraid to loose mobile data. If something is cheap or free these days is mobile data. Unless you waste it all day watching Instagram.

I had this same problem today. Couldn’t get audio to work when i hosted the call via WiFi. Finally had to just change device and host the call by phone…
Did you find out how to solve/get round the problem?
It’s frustrating that things that have worked fine by WiFi for months are now impossible!

The new version of the app shall address the problem you mentioned

  • if user had the “Dial into the meeting” checked and haven’t initiated a telephone call - we give user a second chance to select how to dial
  • if user checked this toggle off - we memorize this and next time user is not prompted to use telephone to dial in.

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Thank you. I would be very happy if every time you change app interface, you would provide also with video instructions how to use the app especially for mobile. Most instructional videos are not useful and outdated.

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