Disabling Webcams


Can I prevent users from opening their webcams during the webinar the same way as the mics?

It is really annoying because it causes disturbance to me while recording the webinar and to the attendees as well.


Currently, we do not have a feature to disable video. This is a great suggestion. We’ll send this to the development team for consideration.

Here is what you can do

  • move conference to Lecture Mode or Q&A mode

In this case all participant will only be able to see self and the active speaker. (i.e. they won’t be able to see other participants)
Host still be able to see everybody.

Since the conference only shows the active speaker - it is naturally shows only you because you will be the only one who is unmuted.

Thank you,

Lecture mode is a good workaround however disabling video stream of participants saves a lot of bandwidth and also reduce distraction during a webinar. Sometime you don’t want to look at participants faces during a session. Please see if this option can be provided in future to stop participants video stream.