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When we have a conference there is an option for a guest list to be displayed or not. In the newest version of desktop app, even thou display guest list is off, it still displays a list for everyone in a form: guest1, guest2, guest3, … so participants are able to see the number of people on a call, what we actually don’t want. Before this was working.

Thank you for your suggestion. At this time when you change the “Display Attendee List” to host only under the “Meeting Settings”, it will still show participants how many “guest” has joined the meeting when they click on the attendee list icon on the desktop application. We will send your suggestions to our development team, and will reply back to this post with any updates. Thank you.

Thank you for the quick answer. I was little disappointed this morning because after latest desktop app update nothing changed. I think this function, that was working before, is of such importance for a serious conference service, that I would really encourage you to fix it as soon as possible. Two weeks ago it was working normally. I am using conference every day few hours, I am talking to you from the field. I don’t understand who would get such an idea in a first place. If I host a webinar and I don’t want participants to see how many other participants is present on a webinar, I need to hide guest list … Thank you for your understanding.

I have direct messaged you for more information. We would like to investigate this issue.

Thanks, just your email came from “noreply” email …

Our technicians were able to resolve the issue. The service should work as expected. Please test and let us know if you have any more questions. Thank you.

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