Does FreeConferenceCall work with the free version of Teams?

I noticed that FreeConferenceCall works with Microsoft Teams.,want%20to%20join%20your%20call.

Does it work with the free version of Teams?

Thanks in advance for any assist


Your FreeConferenceCall account can be used with any calendaring or scheduling service. Simply copy and paste your Dial-In Number and PIN Code similar to the instructions given in the Medium article. We have no restrictions on how or who you share your dial-in and code with – one of our goals is to make communication easy and accessible – to everyone.

FreeConferenceCall offers you the flexibility to use your conference bridge whenever you want; even at a moment’s notice. Some other examples of this are:

  • Paste your dial-in and PIN into a meeting invite on ANY platform.
  • Text your dial-in and PIN to everyone you’d like to speak with.
  • Email your dial-in and PIN in advance of the meeting to attendees.
  • For events, post your dial-in and PIN with the event information.
  • … and much more.

Hope you enjoy,
Product Manager @ FCC