download a copy of the entire recording

I am trying out your service to determine if it will work with a family genealogy project. Yesterday I tested out the program with one family member. During the test I shared images and we spoke about them.
After the conference, I downloaded the recording from the website. To my surprise I could only see myself in the recording, I could not see the image that I shared.
Then I went on the website and viewed the online meeting directly from the website. There I could see myself and the image that I shared.
What do I need to do to download a copy of the entire recording? ie: with myself and the image that I shared, like on the website?

If you had audio video and screensharing in your meeting you shall see this dialog when you try to download

if you want one mp4 with all media in it you need to choose “Online meeting (MP4)”. This file will take several minutes to prepare and then you’ll be able to download it

Thank you,

Eugene, that worked. Thank you!