Economical 800 Number Needed

I need an 800 line, but you do not offer one that fits the budget of fixed income customers or small budget non profits.

My group meets once a week. A small fee of $40-50 per month would be helpful in this Pandemic environment. I’ve been using Free Conference since 2015 or 2016. Although it is a free service, I make contributions to help keep the service going. I serve senior citizens who are on fixed incomes and need help connecting with them. Many do not have cell phones and can’t afford long distance on their landlines. Help!


We understand your situation. But TF number has a fixed per minute cost for us. It it is not that we want to get more money from organizations like yours.
Please contact our customer support and explain your situation. I think they might be able to give you a discount, but it still has to be per minute charge.

P.S. If you happen to get the TF number - please make sure that “Wait For host” and “Continue without host” are set appropriately. As you do not want to pay for the meetings where you were not present.