Error in uploading audio file to broadcaster

I’ve been trying to upload a audio file to broadacaster. Its an mp3 less than 100 mb in size but i keep getting this error message “you cant upload files of this type”
It was working maybe a week back but now no matter what I do, no file is getting uploaded. I even converted the file to wav and it still wasnt uploading. It succesfully uploaded to meeting resources, but for some reason, it wont upload to broadcaster. can anyone help?


I was able to upload both a Mp3 file and a WAV file on a test account.

What I would do in this case is actually recheck the files format as anything can be uploaded to the meeting resources. Also do try a different browse as the best browsers to use us are Morzilla Firefox and also Google Chrome.

If you still are having issues with the broadcaster not uploading to the website please do contact me at

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