Failure to Record a Critical Meeting

I hosted a critical meeting tonight and failed to press 1 to start the recording. I assume there’s absolutely no way of pulling a recording of it? No notes were taken, due to us all assuming it was being recorded.

I sent you a private message.

Did you get an answer on this? I have the same problem.

Please check the private messages I sent to you.

You may set your account to the auto record option. This option is located on the meeting settings tab. Select the drop down arrow to the right of record and select auto.

Hi, I forgot to record an important meeting today. Is there anyway to access what was said?


The short answer is ‘No’. We do not record meetings if users did not ask us.

As it was mentioned above, you may choose to auto record all your meetings by default.

Just a thought:
let’s imagine we record all meetings on the service. Would you agree that it may upset a lot of people who trust us to not create a digital trace of their private communications?

Thank you,