Feature Laden Whiteboard

I was excited to find out that FCC has added a whiteboard in screen sharing. But soon mu excitement fizzled out for two reasons:

  1. When I clicked on share screen option & I tried to select an open item on my screen and whiteboard together, I was able to select only one. During a discussion or presentation, if I’ve to switch between the two using ALT+Tab, every time I’ll have to click on screen share button & change the preview. I suggest the ability to select the whiteboard & any other open item(s) on my screen to toggle among them or put them side by side to share with the attendees.

  2. The whiteboard introduced is very rudimentary where the user can only use the mouse or ink pen to draw something on the board. I cannot type or insert anything on the whiteboard.

I request to incorporate these two features to make the whiteboard more meaningful.

Warm regards,

Rahul Dev

Thank you for your feedback on the new whiteboard feature. We are always looking to improve our product. I will be passing this information along to our development team.


I tried using the whiteboard today. I found that I can’t type anything on it. I can only draw. In my opinion, the basic function of a whiteboard is the ability to write on it. Writing with a brush is very tedious & messy.

Please add this feature on FCC wb to make it meaningful. I had to use another whiteboard.

Warm regards,

Rahul Dev

yes, this is in our list.
Thank you for bumping this topic. It helps with the prioritization.