Feedback on all participants

Everyone in our meeting had trouble hearing each other. I finally muted everyone and then let them speak one by one. Is there something else i can do to make it more comfortable to hear? thanks

I apologize for the inconvenience this has caused you and your participants. I sent you a private message to troubleshoot this issue.

this is a great question.
There are several things you can do as a host

  • ask people to go to self mute if they do not speak (I know, many people will ignore it)
  • execute soft mute from time to time (this will mute participants but they can unmute self)
  • if situation is still out of control - excuse hard mute aka lecture mode (this will mute everyone and they will not be able to unmute). You can unmute people individually
  • If you are taking questions - enable Q&A mode. This will mute every one and they can put themselves in a queue to ask a question. You will be able to pick questions one by one

Thank you,