Graphics Card issue after sharing screen

My Dell Laptop has 2 graphics cards that I can specify which card does what per program. Tried several different options of Intel and nvidia being the selected processor. After quitting the FCC programs, I loose access to my Intel graphics card and cannot change settings in the Windows setting or the Intel graphics card set up. It is like the driver is removed and not Intel card installed. Thanks


We do not explicitly choosing the graphic card. My understanding that this layer is hidden from us by the OS. Please send me a private message to arrange troubleshooting. I am very interested to take a look on how it appears for you.

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Thanks for the response. Let’s get this fixed and ID what or how to work around it. What are your hours of availability? I am in Florida, USA, TimeZone.

Problem Solved. On Dell Laptops with 2 graphics cards, the standard Intel card and the Nvidia card you must chose one of the cards in the Nvidia Control panel. This is very important so that FreeConferenceCall software works properly and also so that when the FCC software is closed, the OS continues to operate in the normal mode. What I discovered if the option to have auto select in the Nvidia Control Panel (default) the program gets confused as to which graphics card to use and the OS seems to lose the driver for the Intel chip on the MotherBoard and may not even run properly when sharing. After closing FCC the Intel driver option is not seen. So resolved and closed. Cheers :slight_smile: