Great Job, FCC. Thank you

Thank you for being available to us, ESPECIALLY during this time.

I’ve been a user of this this service for almost 13 years. Most of that time as a participant or co-host. I’m excited to re-launch as a host, soon.

While this service may not have all the bells and whistles as some others, I have been able to RELY on FCC to help me get connected to and with others. I appreciate communicating off of social media sites especially for small groups (20 or less). The break out rooms are gems.

Knowing how-to and using the controls to mute certain callers, LOCK my meeting from “outsiders”, set-up and fill break out rooms are what keep most of the meetings I attend flowing efficiently.

Keep up the good work! I know more features are coming…even if they take a LONG TIME…I’ll be here. Your commitment to providing quality connectivity and advocating for this service to be at such a reduced cost (if any) is worth more than you know.

With Gratitude,


Hi Kisha!

Thank you for taking the time out of your day to post a note of gratitude and kind words. That is truly a great representation of the type of service we strive to provide at

Yes, we are working round the clock to make sure our customers’ conferencing needs are met so look out for updates and enhancements in the future. Please let us know what recommendations you have to help make the service even better and we’ll get working on that.

We appreciate you and are here when you need us!

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