Hacker Attempting to Access using *

Someone kept trying to log into the call by selecting * but never completed the Host code because he/she/it did not have the correct code. I could not see the call to disconnect because the connection was not completed. What is FreeConferenceCall doing to keep calls from being hacked? This disrupts the service because FreeConferenceCall keeps asking the caller to input the Host code. Can FreeConferenceCall be setup to disconnect caller three tries?

Dr. Mj

Even if this caller tries to connect, the message about host code should not be played for everyone. To prevent unwanted callers you can apply a Security code to your meeting: Free Audio Conferencing | FreeConferenceCall.com

I have a host code that I use. What happened is someone or hacker or some bot called the number and selected the #, which is required if you are the host. Everyone could hear the “please enter the host code”.

I don’t understand how anyone already connected to the conference call could hear someone trying to connect. The plan I have provides a direct number (no changes) adding a security code would cause confusion. People call in and are connected. Generally, if one of the older members call in and inadvertently select the # which requests the host code, they hang up and try again. While connected to the call, I have never heard someone trying to connect. This is why I thought someone may have been trying to connect.