Hand raise ability in a Freeconferencecall conference

Is there an ability for a meeting participant to alert the moderator that the participant wants to speak? This is called “Hand Raising”.

This would be an interesting feature…

We call this feature Q&A

It is available via the Web (as explained in the documentation) and via the Desktop/mobile app

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Q&A: so everyone is muted and those who have placed themselves in the “speaking queue” are unmuted when the host clicks “next”.
*6 becomes the raised hand.
Thanks for clarifying this.

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It would seem that the “Hand Raise” feature and the “Q&A” feature serve two different functions…hand raise would be useful for getting the attention of the host/presenter without being in Q&A mode, perhaps while muted/unmuted…it would be very useful.

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Think you should put it in the suggestion area

The feature is scheduled for release 6/23

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great:grinning:looking foward to[date=2020-06-23 timezone=“Asia/Singapore”]

Is this feature available now? How do we use it?

this feature is in production for telephone, desktop app, and host web controls

telephone: participant can press 94[1,2,3]
on the desktop app (don’t forget to update to the latest) there is a new icon

on the web controls the attendee list can be filtered