Hide View of Self

Is there a way to hide the view of myself. Others on the call could see me but I would not be able to see myself.


No this is not possible, sorry. I think it might even be dangerous for most of users as they might forget that they are sending their own video.

What you can try to do is to switch to Active Speaker Mode (not non the mobile though). In this case you will see a speaker on the big screen (and yourself on a small screen)

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Thanks for the response. I can do this with my company video conference tool and I know it is available for at least one other vid conferencing tool. I’m using FCC for in person study groups but also inviting remote participants. I’m using a camcorder as a Webcam for the in study group and also extending my computer view of FCC to a large screen monitor for Gallery View. In person participants want to see the remote participants but do not want to see themselves. Basically, they find the constant viewing of themselves distracting.
Here’s a link to an interesting article from Standford researchers on video conferencing fatigue. In particular, see suggestion #2 to mediate the issue discussed in the article.
Four causes for ‘Zoom fatigue’ and their solutions | Stanford News
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