How can I change screen sharing quality , e.g. sharing frame rate and color depth?

FCC screen / application sharing is great but I need to optimize Share feature for streaming. Our audience needs to watch video and low rate and low color share is too hard to watch. Do you have any settings for changing Share frame rate and color depth? At least any presets like WebEx has?

We do not let endusers directly control SS quality. The app tries to adjust quality automatically to available bandwidth and amount of changes on the screen.

But this is not done to make video streaming better. Our primary goal is to make screen sharing crystals clean for even very small font on a screen. The second goal is to not use too much bandwidth to enable mobile clients and clients on the bad connection.

This all goes against to what you’d would need to stream video over the screen sharing. So if you open a YouTube video in the screen sharing session you’d probably see a drop in the frame rate, but each frame will have every tiny details (not every color though because we prioritize details over the color)

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