How do I use international dial-in numbers?

To conduct a conference call with international callers, give them the local in-country dial-in number for each of their respective countries. All participants use the same access code to connect to the conference line. For a listing of international dial-in numbers, log in to your account and click View list next to International dial-in numbers.

Hi there,

I need some clarification.

If I am in the US and want to have a conference call with someone in the United Kingdom, do I dial my US dial-in number and give them a local number in the UK to use?


Yes that is correct! You and your callers that are in the US will dial into your US conference dial in number and enter the access code, and your callers that are located in the United Kingdom will dial into the UK conference dial in number and will also use the same the same access code as everyone else. Please let me know if you have any other questions. Thank you.