How restrict call for invitee only?

How to restrict schedule conference call to only invitee , i found that whoever has link they can join my conference call, this is risk,



Unfortunately at this time we don’t have that functionality yet, but it’s a valid suggestion that we will send to our development team. If we decide to implement we will be sending an email update. You do have the option to change your online meeting ID for every online meeting you may have, each time you schedule a webinar you can go to your account info and change the ID. If you have any other questions, you may contact our 24-hour customer care at 1-844-844-1322. Thank you.

I was hoping we could password protect an online meeting. Is this possible? Can I send my invitees a password to join the online webinar?


Unfortunately at this time, we do not have a feature where you can set a password for your online meetings. But you do have other options. You can monitor who joins your online meeting on the web controls and if you notice someone that joined into your meeting that is not supposed to be on, you can drop that person. Once everyone who is supposed to be connected you can lock the meeting, so no one else can join in. By locking your meeting no one will be able to join that is not already connected to your meeting.

Another way to keep your meetings protected is by changing your online meeting ID. Once you conduct an online meeting, you can log into your account online at and change your online meeting ID. When you want to conduct a new meeting you can send the participants that you want to join your new ID, and if anyone tries to join using your old meeting ID, they will not be able to connect. You can change your online meeting ID at any time before you conduct a new meeting. If you have any other questions, please contact our 24-hour customer care at 1-844-844-1322. Thank you.

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OK - thank you Mikey.

Another question: do my online invitees need to download/install an FCC app to join an online meeting? Or are meetings available through an ordinary web browser? Having to download and install apps creates issues. (I understand that as the host I need to use the FCC app. But I am hoping participants can just join via a web browser.)


When you send your participants your “Join the Online Meeting” link. They will be able to join your meeting through their browser. They do not need to download the application to their computer. Please note that the browsers that are compatible with our service are Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox.

If your participants are trying to join using a mobile device they will be prompted to download the mobile application. Our FreeConferenceCall mobile app is available on both the App Store for iPhone’s and the Google Play Store for Androids. Thank you.