How to get meeting to detect my camera?

I am using my mobile phone as a webcam for my non- webcam computer. I have gone through the settings in preferences. I do not wish to use the phone app for these certain meetings. I want to use FCC instead of another platform. What solutions are available for me via FCC for me to detect the mobile phone? Which mobile apps are compatible with FCC?
V/R, Thank you.

Hello! Unfortunately we have no way to make your computer detect your mobile phone camera through our FCC desktop app. We would recommend you google ways to have your computer itself detect your mobile phone camera first. If you are successful, then open our FCC desktop app and go back to preferences to see if our app is able to detect it.

The app is unable to detect it. Other applications (Z, S GH, T, etc) are able to connect with both the mobile phone as webcam to computer and with dslr as webcam using the Canon EOS webcam utility. Does FCC have a solution for camera detection?

YES!!! The latest update must have done the trick. NOW the software recognizes the eos webcam utility and another backup webcam utility!!! I could scream with JOY! :star_struck:

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