How to invite someone from the U.K to participate in a U.S. conference call

The title says it all

The invite instructions still the same. You use one of our Invite options.

The invitation will look like this:

Dial-in number (US): [US phone number]
International dial-in numbers:[your Online Meeting ID]
Online meeting ID: [your Online Meeting ID]
Join the online meeting:[your Online Meeting ID]

For additional assistance connecting to the meeting text 'Call Me' to the Dial-In number above and you will be called into the conference. Message and data rates may apply.

the main thing is “Join the online meeting” link. When they open it we detect that they are in UK and show them UK number.
To avoid confusion on their end you may want to remove US number (or replace it with UK number manually) and remove the bottom part because it works in US only.